Open Letter to California’s Commission on Judicial Performance Regarding Judge Joan Lewis, et al.

Laura Lynn

4231 Balboa Avenue #158

San Diego, CA 92117

Commission on Judicial Performance

455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 14400

San Francisco, CA 94102

January 15, 2015

To The Commission On Judicial Performance,

Attached is a copy of the most recent pages of the Register of Actions from SDSC Case #37-2013-00031232, Judge Joan Lewis presiding. You can pull up the other pages if needed. I wanted a copy of the most recent errors before Judge Lewis has an opportunity to edit them.

Items 142-144 show the case is dismissed with prejudice. I would be thrilled by this, except that the case was transferred to unlimited jurisdiction on request of Kahia and this only dismisses up to $10,000. I am certain Ms. Kahia plans to come after me for hundreds of thousands of dollars later.

Also, Judge Lewis took it upon herself to dismiss my appeal in items 139-141. It is not proper for the lower court to dismiss appeals.

Judge Richard Strauss ratified the void $240,000 child support arrears I supposedly owe to Tim Lynn on January 6, 2015 in SDSC Case #37-2013-00041919 against Kahia by granting CSSD a judgment lien against any settlement or award I receive in that case. He would not let me discuss jurisdiction and told me twice, when I asked to respond to some comments by the opposing five attorneys that I must be “quick”. I don’t get the feeling Judge Strauss is actively conspiring with Commissioner Friedenthal to get Freidenthal paid on an alleged bribe that caused him to appear biased and embroiled in my family law case.  But the family law judgment is interfering with how I proceed on the Kahia matter. I was going to accept $365,000, but then Kahia proceeded on the UD and told Tim Lynn when to file a writ of execution to take the majority of the settlement monies, both in breach of the settlement agreement.

I moved out of California and do not want anything more to do with your corrupt system. But it appears Friedenthal and friends are not going to let me rest. I am using a P.O. Box number in San Diego and having mail forwarded. I cannot buy a home and only pay $200 per month for a room, so I can help my children who were crippled by the court.

Judge Thomas Trent Lewis presided over PD 016769 on January 12, 2015 even though he wrote an order to transfer the case to San Diego for all purposes on July 21, 2014. I did not attend, but mailed a response “for special appearance only”. Since that file is not imaged, I am not certain of the order written, but the case was not transferred. I mentioned the new Lynn v. Lynn case (Sean Lynn v. Elizabeth Lynn) in which Tim Lynn took custody of my grandsons by stipulation from my son Sean, without serving Sean with a copy of the stipulation. It is easy to prove Sean was not served and did not sign.   Tim, who is not an attorney and who did not have an attorney write any of the papers, handed Sean all the divorce paper he did sign. The stipulation was mailed to Helen Lynn’s house not given to Sean until after it became an order. I did not offer to take Sean’s children, because I knew judge Joan Lewis was going to evict me if she got any semblance of a chance, so I did not bring the UD case to trial and was in limbo. Judge William Nevitt and Judge Tamila Ipema refused to give me a restraining order against someone else who lived on the property and on November 26, 2014, someone associated with him drew a gun and told us he cocked the hammer, so it was not an appropriate environment for children. I gave Sean commercial property I inherited, but he could not sell it because of the void child support order lien.

Please give Sean, my son Branden and me some relief from this ongoing harassment.

Do not suggest I appeal every decision, especially in Sean’s case. Sean is afraid he will never see his children until they are 18, as the court did to me, if he fights Tim in court. Please send a claim form as per government code 900 et sequence and grant me and my children permission to sue The Judicial Council as per the eleventh amendment. Your negligence in handling the Friedenthal affair gave tacit approval to the other unethical judges to continue to punish me for “getting [Friedenthal] in trouble with his employer”, as he wrote in one email. You might also try to find the file for PD 016769 and have it sent to San Diego and fire Joan Lewis for dismissing an appeal of one of her decisions.

Thank you,

Laura Lynn


Who Does CSSD Work For, Anyhow?

CORRECTION: Roye Randall and CSSD do not work for the DA’s office anymore, according to an agent at CSSD. Perhaps the DA will reopen the case of Alan Friedenthal and investigate Ms. Randall for her part in denying my Constitutional rights under color of law and denial of honest services by a public employee.

There was an ex parte hearing in the case Lynn v Kahia et al on January 6. I appeared by court call. It sounds like they should have rented a stadium to seat all the attorneys present. There was one for Kahia, a partner at the firm. There was one for the buyer’s brokers. One for the seller’s brokers. One for an insurance company. And one for Child Support Services Department from Los Angeles, Roye Randall.

CSSD was there to ask for a judgment lien against me.

They want to take any money I receive for losing my home, suffering an emotional breakdown and for the loss of my significant other’s business, and give it to my former spouse Tim Lynn.

I suppose that would be okay in most cases. People should pay child support that is obtained legally. We can argue all day about how much child support should be ordered, the rights of mothers, the rights of fathers and the rights of children. But, for now, follow the law.

Unfortunately, in my case, the child support order was obtained based on child custody orders that were obtained unethically and probably illegally. The judge on the case, Alan Friedenthal, was found to show an appearance of bias and embroilment in my case. No one ever publicized the reason for Al’s departure of legal ethics. My guess is two-fold.

First, Commissioner Friedenthal has a strong social connection to my estranged sister Mary Sherman. Mary and I don’t get along well. Friedenthal was childhood friends with her brother-in-law David Sherman, and still Facebook friends, at least. The Shermans are well to do and throw lots of big lavish parties. I imagine Friedenthal is invited to some of these.

The second idea about why Friedenthal would make biased decisions about custody of my children is that he took a bribe from Tim Lynn or his parents Jim and Helen Lynn. Perhaps it was a combination. Sister Mary might have brokered the deal. Mary never cared much for me, and her children made out like bandits when Tim got custody of my children. My parents, in an attempt to protect their money from Tim, wrote my kids out of much of their inheritance. Simple math: Big Money divided by 5 is more than Big Money divided by 7. Mary’s kids ended up with more.

We could not prevail in a lawsuit against Commissioner Friedenthal or The Court because they had absolute judicial immunity and Eleventh Amendment protection. We should have had some help from the government though. The District Attorney, through its Judicial Systems Integrity Division, should have made a serious inquiry into filing charges against Friedenthal. And it seems just neighborly for the court to bend over backwards to help reverse the unethical, possibly illegal custody orders and the resulting child support order.

Instead, the court lost our file. Then, after I got an order to transfer the case to San Diego, the court lost the file again. Then when Judge Thomas Trent Lewis heard there was money to be collected, he said he was taking the case back, because it was not transferred. He gave himself “jurisdiction”.

Roye Randall heard Judge Lewis say I was right, that the case is supposed to be heard in San Diego. Then after he read her papers saying I won a big settlement in another case, he changed his mind. Randall, who works for a branch of the DA, should have seen this act as unethical at best. Instead she stood like Pinocchio, clapping and bowing, ever so pleased with her performance at getting Lewis to flip on his decision.

I thought the DA and CSSD  worked for the fair administration of justice. I thought wrong.


Two Judges to be Named as Defendants in Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit

Judge Joan Lewis serving in San Diego Superior Court and Judge Thomas Trent Lewis serving in Los Angeles Superior Court are to be added to the roster of defendants in Lynn v. Kahia. They are both to be named as individuals.

The causes of action these jurists will face are 42 USC 1983, deprivation of Constitutional Rights under color of law. This means Lynn is making a federal case out of it, literally.

Lynn, the author of this blog, and so probably a bit biased if acting as a judge, but careful to write only the truth and privileged information, is a journalist who had her first fifteen minutes of fame writing about corrupt court commissioner Alan Friedenthal. When Laura’s writing caught on, litigants and attorneys were coming out of the woodwork to tip Laura off to other corruption and just plain disgusting behavior by judicial officers and court collaterals.

Lynn wanted desperately to quit writing about the seedy activity in our judiciary, and swore to her loved ones she would stop. Then an Iraqi-American investor tried to rip off Lynn and her “husband in the eyes of God”. The investor, Vicki Kahia, when caught, basically said “so sue me.” (She literally said “that’s what we have attorneys for” when Lynn suggested they discuss a solution to the case on their own.)

It wasn’t so bad in court. Lynn was in pro per, self represented. Her previous experience with Alan Friedenthal and his gang in Los Angeles had taught Lynn some procedure. Her “husband” Mike is a genius and gave Lynn the right arguments to fit into the forms. And both Lynn and Mike listen to The Holy Spirit. That is the key to success at anything we do here in this life.

Then Kahia and her conspirators heard about Lynn’s reputation amongst corrupt judges. They started playing that for all it was worth. So far, four judges in collateral actions have shown bias against Lynn. Two are Judge Lewis and Judge Lewis. (Hmmmm, wonder if there is a connection beyond just a common surname?)

Both judges might rationalize what they did as “not a significant violation.”

Judge Joan Lewis served on a UD case filed by Kahia. An honest judge presided on the case before her. He signed an order in March 2013 allowing Lynn to retain possession of a property that was part of the dispute. Lynn was to pay $4,000 per month, to be refunded if she prevailed in her suit. Kahia quit allowing quiet enjoyment of the property so Lynn went in ex parte in January 2014. That was when Joan Lewis got involved. Lewis said she could not hear the matter ex parte and set it for hearing six months out. Usually matters that concern possession of property are given expedited hearings. Lynn researched Judge Lewis and found she was close colleagues with Alan Friedenthal. Lynn abandoned her hearing date and just proceeded in the bigger suit that was presided over by Judge Richard Strauss. Judge Strauss seems honest.

In September 2014, Kahia filed an ex parte in the UD case. She claimed Lynn was late with a payment and should be evicted without a trial. Judge Lewis recognized that she could not issue a writ of possession in an ex parte hearing. She set an evidentiary hearing for October 18, 2014, one month later. Judge Lewis said she was going to set the case for trial 10 days later if the evidence showed Lynn was late with payment or any other reason she thought would suffice. Judge Joan Lewis had a trial running on October 18, so the hearing was postponed to December 5.

On November 13, Lynn and Kahia and all the parties in the suit Lynn filed met with a mediator in Los Angeles. One of the insurance companies for the defendants paid for the mediation. An attorney had told Lynn what would happen. He said the insurance company knows what the case is worth. They would offer about 1/10th to make it go away.

With a pending hearing in front of Joan Lewis and the pressures being applied by the defendants, Lynn decided to settle. My thoughts were “Mike is not going to withstand this pressure anymore. The property had intrinsic defects that Mike overcame with his business genius and hard work. He could go anywhere and make a success of things. And I am exhausted. I can live off almost nothing and will inherit lots of money someday, so I’ll give the bulk of the settlement to Mike and the rest to my children. Friedenthal and the court destroyed my children’s lives and I want to help them recover.” So the agreement was signed. Laura Lynn and Mike were taking $365,000 and the promise that Kahia and the other settling defendants would leave them alone.

Kahia did not leave them alone. They had about 45 days before they would receive all the money and move out. They planned to sell everything during a pre-Christmas moving sale. But Kahia would not let them have the parking lot. They rescinded the contract but said if the defendants gave a bit extra, they would reinstate it. they got to court on December 3rd in front of Judge Richard Strauss and agreed to forego the extra payment, turn over the keys and take the checks. Everyone but Kahia handed over checks totaling $290,000. Kahia’s attorney said “the check is in the mail.” Yes. Those were her exact words. So Laura Lynn and Mike signed dismissals and told attorney Veronica Lopez of Garmo and Garmo to hold them. Mike and L.L. were leaving the state. They were going to travel around in Mike’s box truck and hike in remote areas for a year or two, until Mike was ready to start over. Lopez was to file the dismissals five days after Kahia’s check was paid.

On December 5 Mike and L.L. showed up to the UD hearing in Judge Joan Lewis’ courtroom. They were camping in the truck at Cardiff-By-The-Sea and planned to take off right after the hearing. They just wanted to be present to say “possession is no longer an issue, so this court has no jurisdiction.” Judge Lewis said that for them. She said she had read the minutes from the December 5 hearing. Then she allowed Kahia’s UD attorney to present evidence. She did not allow Lynn to cross-examine his witness, one of the defendants. She did not make counsel authenticate or identify evidence. She did not allow Lynn to present any evidence of her own.

Kahia’s attorney told this long story about someone he didn’t name who had trouble when tenants turned over property and then returned later. He thought Lynn, being “sophisticated”, might do something similar. Lynn objected as speculative. Lewis overruled the objection.

Judge Lewis issued a writ of possession against Mike and Lynn. They were evicted.

Something else strange happened that day. Lynn saw her ex-spouse standing half a block from Kahia’s defense attorneys’ office. He lives in Los Angeles or Placentia, according to court documents he filed. He is inconsistent. It was half an hour before the UD hearing.

After the UD hearing, the guy who testified against Lynn yelled “Hide the Money!”

Mike and L.L. didn’t know what he meant by that yet, but think they figured it out now.

Kahia refused to pay the last check for $75,000. The contract settlement agreement was rescinded again based on her continued litigation and her lack of timely payment. Kahia never had any intention of letting Mike and L.L. keep anything for the loss of their home, Mike’s business and their serenity. She was so malicious and greedy, she didn’t even want her victims to have money from an insurance company.

On December 10, CSSD told Lynn there was going to be an ex parte hearing in Los Angeles concerning child support they claim she owes Tim.

On July 21, 2014 Judge Trent Lewis had ordered the family law case transferred to San Diego for all purposes. For some reason the case did not get transferred. Lynn asked the transfer desk, and they said the file was in Trent Lewis’ courtroom. She asked the clerk in Department 79 and she said she already sent it to the transfer desk. Lynn bashed her head against the walls a few more times, but could not make anyone send the file to San Diego. Lynn wanted to file a change of address and a motion to vacate void orders in San Diego.

On December 16, the case was heard in Commonwealth, the usual courthouse child support cases are heard in. The commissioner there denied the ex parte without prejudice and said he was sending the case to Judge Lewis to figure out if it was supposed to be transferred. Today, December 24, 2014, Judge Lewis heard the ex parte. Even though Lynn objected to him hearing the case for lack of jurisdiction, he read the complaint. He wouldn’t let Lynn give reasons that the settlement is exempt from writ of execution. He said he made an order. Lynn was specifically not allowed to record the hearing, so she is not certain exactly what Judge Lewis ordered. But the gist was, she needs to hang on to any settlement money until he hears the matter at a noticed hearing. Lynn didn’t get the date for the hearing, but her response was due December 8. She objected as that was not enough time. She settled the lawsuit because any more litigation is going to send her over the top emotionally. She explained that she was on two anti-anxiety medications. Lewis gave her one more day, only shortening the statutory time by one day. He said he took jurisdiction back because even though there was an order to transfer, the clerk had not complied yet.

Thomas Trent Lewis said that since Lynn was rescinding the settlement agreement, she would not be prejudiced by the temporary order not to spend the check. He also threatened that she “might” have made a fraudulent transfer of the first $290,000 because she gave it to its rightful owner, another plaintiff. So, now being honest is considered possibly fraudulent. Lynn’s intention was to give the rest of the money to the adult children the child support was supposed to help. I suppose Lewis thinks it conniving for a mother to give money to the children he and his chums destroyed, instead of to their father who is a building inspector from a well to do family.

Thank you for listening to my long sad tale. Here is the meat of the story.

Joan Lewis and Thomas Trent Lewis made “orders” of the court without jurisdiction. If a judge makes a really stupid order, or even is caught taking a bribe and making an order based on the bribe, they have judicial immunity. They cannot be sued civilly.

But when a judge has no jurisdiction, he loses the immunity. Otherwise, a judge could summons you to court and tell you to give him your house or all your money. Oh, that is what Judges Lewis & Lewis just did to Lynn. They lacked jurisdiction and ordered her to hand property over without a trial.

Because of the crazy orders of Lewis & Lewis, Lynn is stuck litigating, when she should be recuperating from the intentional infliction of emotional distress by Kahia and the other defendants. And, even if Kahia and her gang came in with a new, improved settlement offer, there would need to be an extra $237,000 in it for Lynn to accept. That is the amount of child support CSSD claims she owe. They are wrong, but being wrong or right in court makes little difference, and she will be stuck fighting Trent Lewis’ orders up through the appellate courts.

If she is going to still be stuck litigating, why not go for for $4,000,000, not $400,000? The work is the same. The insurance companies know what it is worth; ten times what they offered.

So, to Trent and Joan, L.L. says “see you in court”. But it won’t be from the side of the bench they want it to be from.


Listening To The Holy Spirit: How Mike and Laura Survived The Evil of Our Court System

There is a new syndrome out there. I don’t know if it is recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, DSM-IV or DSM V. But it is real and I have felt it myself. It is called Legal Abuse Syndrome.

For those of you blessed to have never stepped foot into a courtroom or had that sinking moment where someone jumps out from behind a bush and says “you’ve been served”, it may not seem likely. Unfortunately for some, there are litigious people like Vicki Kahia and Justin Earley who will say “so sue me”. Then if they owe you something insignificant, like carrying paper on a purchase of property for a few months while you refinance, it turns into so much more. Add attorney fees. Add filing fees. Add time off your chosen work. Add copies, storage of documents, parking fees downtown, expert witnesses, therapist bills…

In our case, we would get an order of the court, like “Mike and Laura have possession of the property” and Kahia and Earley would reinterpret that to mean “the building on the property but not the parking lot or display area”. We would come to an agreement like “Kahia will stop suing Mike and Laura for unlawful detainer”, and Kahia would change that to “Kahia will get a writ of possession, pretend Mike and Laura are on the property (when they are really half way across the country), waste government resources and then, if she feels like it, maybe vacate the bogus order.” Or, if she doesn’t feel like vacating the order, she will say again, “sue me.” It all starts over.

So far Mike and Laura received $290,000 for their trouble. This does not even cover the value of Mike’s business lost. We are facing years in court and splitting any award with attorneys 50/50. In the end, we get half of what it was worth and nothing more. Mike could have built an empire in that time. He is amazing.

What makes Mike so amazing, and how did we withstand the first two years of litigation in pro per? The Holy Spirit.

The Gospel of Matthew tells of the wise men when they went to see Jesus, the baby, on the day of His birth:

Then Herod, when he had privily called the wise men, enquired of them diligently what time the star appeared.

And he sent them to Bethlehem, and said, Go and search diligently for the young child; and when ye have found him, bring me word again, that I may come and worship him also.

When they had heard the king, they departed; and, lo, the star, which they saw in the east, went before them, till it came and stood over where the young child was.

When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.

And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense and myrrh.

And being warned of God in a dream that they should not return to Herod, they departed into their own country another way.
They listened to The Holy Spirit.

Some call it a sneaking suspicion, a gut feeling or intuition. We call it The Holy Spirit.

To hear Mike and Laura in an interview about the Holy Spirit on KPRZ Radio with Ashli Cotton, click here and scroll through the first interview with Pastor Kevin Sanford. Or listen to both interviews. May The Holy Spirit fill you too, at this Christmas season and forever more.


Is Judge Joan Lewis Retiring?

The rumor started here. This is total speculation. But we like to find reasonable explanations for the bizarre behaviors found in the California State Judiciary.

Judge Lewis came into an evidentiary hearing on an unlawful detainer case on December 5, 2014 and said she had, without any motion for judicial notice, read the minutes of a hearing in a related case in Judge Strauss’ courtroom. That case was a tort action for interference with contract, intentional infliction of emotional distress and a handful of other causes. The case had supposedly settled two days before, with some hefty checks given to the plaintiffs in that case, the defendants in the UD action. Keys were given to the defense attorney for the UD plaintiff, Vicki Kahia, in open court. The property was vacated and everyone was supposed to go their separate ways.

The prosecuting attorney for the plaintiff in the UD case, Ted Smith, told Judge Lewis that he was concerned that the defendants would hatch a scheme to take possession back. The defendants already had elaborate plans for using their settlement proceeds and had already put in orders to turn off utilities and cleared everything out of the building. Defendants objected to Smith’s soliloquy about what some unnamed persons did six months prior in some unnamed case. Defendants objected as speculative. Judge Lewis overruled the objection.

Smith had a real estate broker involved in the case, Justin Earley, present an inch thick stack of “evidence”. It was emails from the defendants and blog postings from this blog. All the evidence was presented at once, with no copies to the defendants. There was none of the usual identification of each document, authentication and admission into evidence. Just a clump of random paper handed to Judge Lewis. Defendants objected. Judge Lewis said defendants could see the evidence after she did. She scanned through the pages. Then she gave defendants about 1 minute 28 seconds to look at the copies. Judge Lewis told defendants to quit taking so much time. She said “You wrote them, so you know what they are.” Wow!

Judge Lewis did look hung over and she probably was eager to take something to make her feel better. Or she already had taken something and it was kicking in. She would not allow defendants to cross examine Earley.

She told Smith to get the defense attorneys for Kahia and Earley into the courtroom. It was Friday afternoon at 1:40ish. Judge Lewis went into her chambers and the Kahia entourage left the courtroom. About 10 minutes later, everyone returned, but without the attorneys summonsed by Queen Lewis. Sorry, Judge Lewis.

Lewis made her ruling. She issued a writ of possession against the defendants.

This writer, one of the defendants, is not an attorney. But, as Smith said, she is sophisticated. She wrote the answer to the original UD complaint and wrote under the caption “jury trial demanded”. She knows an eviction can’t be had without a trial or a motion for judgment on the pleadings where there is no issue in controversy. She knows the court loses jurisdiction when possession is no longer an issue. Maybe “sophisticated” is a bit grandiose of a description for someone with this knowledge. Maybe “wasn’t born yesterday” would be a better term.

Why did Judge Lewis make such an outrageous call? Favor to a friend? A bag of cash? All we know is it gives the appearance of bias and should be reported to the CJP. The CJP can’t do anything at all to Judge Lewis if she resigns before disciplinary action is taken. So maybe Lewis plans to retire and, like a suicide bomber, decided to get some vengeance for her colleague Alan Friedenthal, who was given a severe public admonishment for showing the appearance of bias on the defendant’s family law case.


Witch Woman : What is She Doing at 5 a.m. at 2950 Garnet?

This black haired woman moved into the parking lot of 2950 Garnet about a month ago. Her “home” is a white Saturn she shares with her dog.

I have a heart for the homeless, but my sympathies are not inspired by her. She looks like a witch. She could be 25 or 2,500. One friend, who will remain nameless so Witch Woman doesn’t cast a spell on her, said Witch Woman looked like “she was rode hard and put away wet.” Her intention is not to live in her car in a nice, safe parking lot. She anticipated an eviction of Mike and me from the property, and she was going to move right in to our building.

The eviction never happened. But talking to Witch Woman, it seems someone with authority in her eyes told her a lie and said we are evicted. We are not. We agreed to a settlement offer where the defendants are not supposed to lie about the terms. They are not supposed to make disparaging comments about us and they are supposed to allow us possession of the building until their insurance company gives us a good chunk of change.

Someone is a little over eager. Witch Woman showed up this morning with bags of garbage and put them in our trash bin. Her cohorts already tried stealing our trash bin once before. SDPD said it was not a crime because they were just mistaken. They thought the only trash bin on the property was delivered to them that morning and our trash bin had miraculously disappeared.

Yesterday morning Witch Woman was meeting with two men at 5 a.m. in the parking lot, moving merchandise into her Tijuana looking car. We suspect that is where she drives it to each day, filled with goodies for Barry Pishon’s old girlfriend’s brothers who he claimed were in a drug cartel. We don’t know what she is moving. Guns? Eyes of Toad?

What kind of business does a person do next to the I-5 bridge in a parking lot at five in the morning?


WTF? SDPD Responds to Call About Gun Threat and Doesn’t Confiscate Tape or Look For Gun

This is true! I was there and saw it with my own eyes.

So, what qualifies me as a credible source? I was nominated as L.A. City Student of the Year. I exposed some corrupt judges and my investigation was substantiated by the California Supreme Court. While I was investigating the judges, they were investigating me, and the Los Angeles Sheriff found nothing to arrest me for.

Just the facts as I told the police who responded should have triggered a search of the premises and apprehension of a fleeing suspect.

About 5 a.m. Mike was in the doorway at the edge of our building smoking a cigarette. He had some drinks last night, but he wasn’t drunk. I was eating a breakfast croissant from Costco. Yum.

Three people assembled in the parking lot of 2950 Garnet. A woman with dark black hair who looks like a witch if there are witches, a thirtyish man on a bicycle, about six feet tall with a beak-like nose, and a gray-haired but athletic looking older man, maybe 60. They were transferring merchandise of some sort into the woman’s car.

Unpleasantries about the ownership of the property were exchanged. Then Mike yelled “I know what you’re doing!” He walked toward the group and beak nose told him to leave. Beak said “this is your last warning.” He had his hand behind his back. I was on 911 by now. I couldn’t find our video recorder, but witch woman was taping it all on her phone.

The younger man said something about a gun. He yelled “I cocked the hammer!” I yelled “He has a gun!” The 911 operator said officers were on their way.

I got a long metal pole that was laying around for Mike to use to protect himself. He threw it back toward our building. He wasn’t going to fight; he was going to get these unsavory business people off our property. But beak wanted to fight. He walked up to Mike and shoved him in the chest. Mike brought him down and had him in a wrestling hold. Beak somehow got on top. I put my phone down and jumped on him, kicking him away with my feet. I think Beak was stuck between Mike and me for quite a while. Witch Woman walked over and punched me in my cheek, just under my eye.

So you get a better picture, I am a 52 year old white woman from The Valley, 30 pounds overweight and church going.

Beak finally gave up fighting Mike and ran off. The police stopped him.

The police made Beak, Mike and me lay face down on the pavement and cuffed us. It was surreal to me. These same officers have responded to numerous calls here and know I am a talker, not a street brawler. I was on the phone with 911 and they knew I was not the perp and that I just put the phone down to try to help Mike. After a few moments the police let the three of us go. The other woman had left in her car and the older man was hiding in the building.

The police said there was no gun. They did not ask to see the video from the surveillance camera. They did not look for the black haired woman. They did not look for the older man. My cell phone was missing and they wouldn’t look for that. I asked to make a report and they said to call the missing phone line at the station.

Why, oh why, does it seem the SDPD has no interest in stopping alleged criminals with guns on a million dollar property that has a civil suit disputing ownership on it? I told them the case was settled for $365,000 to us, which is much less than it is worth, but with the lack of law enforcement, we just can’t stay here any longer. Now that deal is off. The tenants trespass on our parcel, lock us in, threaten us with guns, and neither Vicki Kahia, the woman who snaked us out of the purchase of the property nor the police will do anything to stop them.

Keep your eyes on this property in a few years. There is something up. We just don’t know exactly what. Yet.

UPDATE: I called SDPD 5 days later to give more info. There was no “report”, just and incident number. So, SDPD doesn’t even think it important to document an alleged gun threat made during a deal at 5 a.m. in a parking lot in a relatively high crime neighborhood of San Diego. Brilliant. Go Officer Y. Smith.